Win a Bosch PRR 250 for Dad!

Here's your chance to win the ultimate sander for dad. Enter the draw to win a Bosch PRR 250 Sanding Roller and give your dad the greatest gift.

The Bosch PRR 250 ES Sanding Roller is a uniquely versatile tool ideal for sanding large objects with variable surfaces - and in a variety of materials.

The Sanding Roller is an impressively flexible sander that is augmented by a wide range of accessories, including a patented flexible sanding roller. With the sanding roller you can work on a variety of surfaces with excellent results - even on irregular or detailed surfaces.

Featuring a cylindrical handle with softgrip, it's comfortable to use and guarantees optimised handling and control. The sanding roller comes complete with shank for sanding sleeves, 60mm sanding sleeve, 10mm and 60mm flap wheels.

The Bosch PRR 250 ES Sanding Roller is ideally suited to sanding a wide range of projects; from detailed banisters and profiled skirting boards to furniture with pronounced contours. Saving you the hassle of painstakingly re-sanding by hand, special accessories, such as the flap wheel, allow DIY enthusiasts to sand grooves and slots.


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