tufted stool

Tufted Stool

This beautiful tufted ottoman | stool was reupholstered and given a new lease on life.

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warm white

Warm White

All-white living spaces can be monotonous. Here's how to warm up white with wood and metallic accents.

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cosy bedroom

Adding Drama

We all dream of a bedroom that makes a statement, and this bedroom has gone from boring to beautiful.

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patio colour

Colour Splash

Here's a simple way to add colour to your patio. Grab a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in bold colours.

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power of white

Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen makeover shows you exactly what white can do for a small, pokey kitchen.

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trim hedge

Trim Hedges

If left unattended, hedges can quickly become overgrown and straggly. Here's how to trim your hedges.

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cheetah stencil

Go Wild

Use Cheetah stencils to add something different to your home office that's a bit on the wild side!

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garage pub

Garage = Pub

A novel way to make use of an unused garage - turn it into your very own pub, complete with authentic details.

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fix up

Time To Improve?

If you're planning improvements, here are some tips that will help you plan your renovation project

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tile over tile

No Mess - No Fuss

Re-tiling is a great way to update the look and feel of a home, and possibly even add to its value.

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Timber Treatments

In this article we offer advice on how to treat and care for a log cabin or Wendy house using Powafix Timber Treatments.

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design joburg rooms on view

Rooms On View

Rooms on View makes its anticipated return in 2018 with alluring room-sets and never before seen collaborative exhibits.

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drilby dust collector

Dust Free Drilling

Doing home improvements or a fair amount of drilling into walls? The Tork Craft Drilby is an affordable tool.

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pony clamps

On Special!

For today only you can buy the Pony Clamping Kit Bundle for R1 519.00 including delivery at Tools4Wood.

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safe drinking water

Safe To Drink?

I have an RO Water Purifier which is serviced annually. This year, the system is full of bacteria... Why?

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inhouse design

Manor House

Award-winning design studio, Inhouse, has completed the interior of a  manor house in Franschhoek.

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best of houzz

Best Of Houzz 2018

It's no wonder Britto Charette was named as Best of Houzz - with interiors that push the boundaries of modern design.

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diy mirrors

Quick Tip

Use mirrors to brighten up a dim hallway, dark entrance, pokey bathroom or use them to visually enlarge a room or space.

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instant colour

Instant Colour

We might be heading into winter, but that doesn't mean our interiors can't be filled with brilliant colour.

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pattern in a home

Go For Patterns

Small or large, busy or quiet, patterns are an essential element when decorating a home.

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curtain hardware

Curtain Hardware

If you're confused by the enormous range of curtain hardware available for window treatments... join the club.

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lime dining table

Liming Wax

Use Liberon Liming Wax to lighten up an oak or dark wood dining table for a fresh, new look.

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front door

Maintain a Front Door

As the first feature guests see when entering a home, your front door requires a bit more care and attention than usual.

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rag rug

Make A Rag Rug

The days have started to turn chilly and it's time to put down rugs over the tiles to warm up living spaces.

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prune trees

Think About Pruning

Pruning, a word and an action you should always prioritise during the colder months, at least once a year.

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paint a fireplace

Paint A Fireplace

Painting a face brick fireplace is easy if you follow the simple steps in this feature and prepare properly.

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plant stand

Plant Stand

Now is a good time to bring some plants indoors. This elegant - yet very simple - plant stand is ideal for an instant feature. 

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pom pom rug

Pom-Pom Rug

Use leftover yarn or buy new to make this pom-pom rug - it would look good in any size - in any room! 

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pine cutting board

Chop Chop!

Don't spend a fortune on a pine chopping board when you can make your own for around R80!

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The dining room is now an integral part of a home, so we put together a selection of inspirational dining room ideas.

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fire pit

Warm Nights

Here's an easy way to turn a washing machine drum into a brazier to keep you warm on chilly evenings outdoors.

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Tropical Paradise

Mozambique is a travel destination that offers sun-drenched beaches, turquoise ocean and beautiful islands.

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